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eyeTrick Frequently Asked Questions

Is eyeTrick Approved for Record Capable Tournaments?

In February 2023 the World WaterSki Council officially approved eyeTrick for use in all Levels of Tournaments
The Council unanimously agreed to:

  • Approve eyeTrick for use in Trick Competitions at all homologation levels.
  • Amend the relevant rules concerning tricks to allow eyeTrick to be used.
  • Ask each Confederation to communicate with their officials announcing the approval of eyeTrick and encouraging all officials to register on the eyeTrick website and start the training process.
  • Ask each Confederation to include eyeTrick awareness and training in their clinics and seminars.
  • Ask each Confederation to plan to use eyeTrick at Titled events when the pool of trained judges is ready.
  • Plan to use eyeTrick at World Titled events when the pool of trained judges is ready.

How do I start using eyeTrick?

We are working hard on the information, training and education website. Please Register and you will be notified as soon as the website is available - expected end of March 2023. Pricing, how to get it, how to use it. All will be revealed.

Can I use my own tablet?

Currently the only supported tablet is the Samsung Tab A7 Lite. This is a good value Android tablet. More information will be available soon. Please Register to be notified.

How much will it cost?

The intention is that eyeTrick is used as much as possible in all tournaments. Free options will be available. Please Register and you will be notified when the full pricing plans are available.

Do the Judges watch the Tricks in Slow Motion?

NO. The World Council has approved a small reduction in video speed to 80%. This greatly helps the judges to make consistent, accurate calls.

Where can I see more about eyeTrick?

Start watching the videos here More will be available with the new training module soon.