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Get Started with eyeTrick

Step 1

    Register on the eyeTrick website.

Step 2

    Get your eyeTrick password.
    This will be used for the website, on your tablet and in the video player software.
        Click here to get a password reset link

Step 3

    Get access to a tablet.

    The recommended tablet is the Samsung Tab A7 Lite
    It is available from Amazon Worldwide.
    You do not need the SIM/LG version - WiFi only is good.
    It does not matter which version or year of manufacture.

    Other Android tablets MAY work and you are welcome to try but they are not supported

Step 4

    Download and install the software on your tablet.
    On the tablet browse to this link https://www.splasheye.com/ieta

    Watch these videos to help with the download and installation:
        Tablet Installation
        Tablet Permission after install

Step 5

    Get access to a Windows Computer to run the Video Player.
    Must be Windows 10 or 11
    Sorry - no Apple or Android

Step 6

    Download and install the Video Player software on the computer
    On the computer browse to this link https://www.splasheye.com/install_eyetrickwindows

    Watch these videos to help with the download and installation:
        Download using Microsoft Edge
        Download using Google Chrome

Step 7

    Start eyeTrick on the tablet and on the computer and connect them

    Watch these videos to help:
        Run eyeTrick the first time
        Connecting the computer and the tablet
        The Video Player welcome screen
        The Video Player
        Run eyeTrick the first time

Step 8

    Judge your first pass with eyeTrick

        First Pass Video

Step 9

    Watch the tutorial videos on the website
    You will receive an email as soon as the website is ready for you! Scheduled for April 6th